Friday, September 24, 2010


They will be on their way tomorrow... stay tuned! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paws it Forward

So, Toby and I have been anxiously awaiting our box 'o goodies from Laurie and Sadie. I had seen this Paws it Forward idea floating around some other blogs, but always seemed to catch it too late. So, we were super lucky to get a comment in over on their blog in time!

Well... Laurie mailed it off on Tuesday, so I'm thinking maybe Saturday we'll get it... NOPE! It was waiting for me when I came home on my lunch break yesterday! That's less than 2 days shipping time! YAY!

I did have to hold my enthusiasm though, 'casue I totally didn't have enough time on the lunch break to open it with Toby... so, needless to say the last 4 hours of my work day dragged on by LOL.

I have to say first, Toby loved the box! He was rolling all over it and pushing it around the room with his nose LOL... Isn't that just like all kids?! He wouldn't even let me open it without jumping and gnawing all over it hehe. Little stinker :P

So now, here's Toby opening his present!

"That's for me right momma?"

"Oh, gimmie that I can do it faster!"
(That's my hubby behind Toby, I had to call in the reinforcements :P)

"Maybe if I nom nom it enough..."

"Ooooooo I think I see something good!"

"NEWSPAPER!!! My favorite!!!"

(He totally stole one and shredded it before we could get it away LOL)

"First a nice card. Momma like this more than me."

(Yes, he tried to eat this too... LOL)

"Then this cute little blue doggie stuffed toy. Finally something I can chew on! AND it squeaks!"

"OMG! Can't... wait... to... NOM!!!"

And this really great ball!

(It squeaks too... he's in heaven LOL)

And then I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get him to pose with all his loot LOL. It did not work well :P

"But, momma there's food right here, why do I have to look at your treat?"

"Well its right there, how do you NOT expect me to take it?!"

(So close...)


(Finally, he's looking and not eating anything LOL) now for the fun part! The first two people to leave a comment on this blog post will receive a package filled with goodies from Toby and me! 

Here are the rules, you need a blog that you can post on after receiving your box, you can't have already gotten a box from another blog and you well, have to have a dog, LOL. Pretty easy! Just leave your email address in the comment and I'll email you for a mailing address. Good luck and thanks again Laurie and Sadie!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

About that vacation...

I'd like to start by saying that, I don't think I was ever so glad to see home in my life after our trip! Last weekend we were supposed to be taking a nice, relaxing 3 day Labor Day weekend to the Virginia Mountains, to a sleepy little town that was hosting a Scottish Festival. My husband and I have been married 6 years and this was our first attempt at vacation that didn’t involve cramming in a visit to ever family member we know. Our first vacation alone, with no schedule, just the two of us and Toby.

It started out Thursday afternoon with a hurricane warning. I should have probably known right there it was a bad omen. High winds and LOTS of rain = bark/howl fest in my neighborhood :( I'm not sure why my neighbors even have dogs, who in their right mind would leave their dogs outside when a HURRICANE is coming. :::sighs::: That’ll have to be the topic of a completely different post.

Needless to say sleep was not easy to come by, for us or Toby. He worries in bad weather, not bad, but I can just tell he doesn’t rest well. And even though the force of Hurricane Earl largely missed us, we still got a lot of rain. So, groggily we packed our car Friday morning, in the rain and attempted to walk Toby in the rain in a futile attempt at burning off some of his energy, knowing 4 hours in the car with a wound up puppy was going to be oh so much fun LOL.

Now, most of you probably don’t know that among Toby’s many quirks is that he has a deep seeded hatred of windshield wipers LOL. He HATES them… I mean HATES. He’s the sweetest, most loving, little licky, fuzzy ball in the world until he sees them swooshing back and forth and hears the squeaking on the glass… then he releases his inner Cujo, lunging and barking like a mad man. We’ve tried to get him to tolerate them to no avail. So, now he rides in the back of the SUV with a divider up so he can’t see them when we have to drive him around in the rain.

It had not been a banner morning by the time we got out on the road. However, about an hour out of town the rain stopped, Toby calmed down and we started to relax. The rest of the road trip went by largely uneventfully. Toby barked at the occasional over pass bridge (don’t ask, I have no idea LOL) and as we pulled into our hotel, we thought things might finally be looking up.

The hotel was nice and clean. Toby really liked it and the first thing he did was jump on the bed LOL. It was lower than our bed at home and he LOVED rolling in the big, floofy comforter LOL. We don’t let him do this at home, but since it was a special occasion (and I didn’t have to wash the sheets LOL) we let him do pretty much whatever he wanted, short of eating it. :P

After some dinner, a little quiet fetch and some relaxing in front of the TV, we were all ready for bed. Hoping to get some rest and have a fun filled day the Scottish Festival in the morning, we crated Toby and went to sleep.

I should probably stop here and say that out of the entire three days, this 4 hours was the best part of our vacation. And the only pictures I was able to take :(

*** Warning this gets a little gross...***

My hubby and I were awoken at 2:30am to the sound of Toby puking in his crate. He never does this. We thought, “Okay maybe it’s nerves, it’s his first long trip away from home,” so we cleaned it up and took him outside where he puked 3 more times. For the next 2 hours he threw up every 10-20 minutes, we couldn’t get him to stop, he threw up the Pepcid we gave him, and blood was starting to come up with that foamy white stuff. We finally broke down and found a ER Vet around 4:30am. More puking and a 10 minute car ride later, he was admitted. My hubby and I were sick with worry, I was crying he was trying to be tough and Toby was shivering in-between us. The Vet came in poke and prodded him, gave him 2 shots for nausea, a fluid hump (in hindsight, if we hadn’t been so totally freaked out, I should have taken a picture of this LOL. He looked like a fuzzy, short-legged camel :P) and gave us a hefty bill. We left about 5:30am for the hotel, exhausted and emotionally wrecked.

We all slept ‘til about 9:00am and things seemed better. Toby went out for a short little walk, was grumpy about not having breakfast but generally seemed pretty happy. An hour later he was puking again, lots of blood and foam and his stool was bloody and really loose now. So, back to the ER. They wanted to admit him get an IV going, do X-rays and Ultrasound to make sure his intestines weren’t blocked. And frankly, 4 hours from home, we didn’t have any other options. Heartbroken, we left him there for the next 24 hours.

As you can imagine my hubby and I were a mess. We don’t have kids, Toby’s it. The ER workers were really great about it though and kept apologizing for our ruined vacation. They called us every few hours with updates, he finally stopped puking about 1:00 am on Sunday, almost 24 hours exactly from the time he started.

With very little sleep Saturday night, we went to check on Toby at around 8:00am Sunday morning. He hadn’t thrown up since 1:00am, but he still looked a fright. They had to shave his little leg for the IV and a square of fur out of his side for the Ultrasound. He looked like he lost 10 lbs. They didn’t find any obstructions, but they flushed his system and kept him on antibiotics, some tummy meds and fluids all night.

We got him loaded in the car and after a Benadryl shot for the road, we headed for home early. At least the poor little guy slept the whole way.

He’s getting better, the scary thing is that we never figured out what cause it all, despite the un-godly amount of money we paid the ER Vet. The Vet seemed to think it was food poisoning/ or a chemical of some kind he got into. I tend to agree, but we kept a close eye on him and I checked the hotel room pretty good before letting him loose in there. He’s eating boiled chicken and rice (prolly better than his mom and dad will be eating for the next month while we try and scrape by to pay the ER bill LOL) but we still have to bribe him to drink water by putting chicken broth in it.

So, no more vacations for a while for us. The next weekend we have off we’re having a “Stay-cation” Luau in the back yard LOL. I’ll even try and find Toby a hula skirt ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love, I love my calendar boy!

As some of you might know, Kelly over at Corgi Butts is making a Corgi Calendar! Way cool?! I know right!
Anyways, she been super diligent in pouring through the hundreds of pictures submitted to her and has narrowed them down to only 30 (I totally could not have done this LOL they were all adorable!)...AND... Toby was picked as one of the finalists to be voted on! Needless to say, he's almost as thrilled as his momma. :P

So if you're interested in voting (Even if not, the pictures are all very cute!) hop on over to her blog page for Corgi Calendar Voting.

This is Toby, my little ham at #9 (As if it wasn't obvious LOL)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's in a name?

So I thought I share all of Toby's many names as well, since all the cool corgi's are doing it! :P

First, I should probably say that my hubby and I could only agree on  that we wanted to call him "Toby" LOL. I really wanted his full name to be "Toblerone" (yes because he's just as sweet as the candybar!) and he really wanted to call him "Tobias" (which was just WAY too serious). So, he ended up just Toby. :)

Here's my list (in totally random order):

Fuzzy munchkin'
Sock Monster
Fuzzy butt
Bunny butt
Toby "The Tongue"
Fluff Monster

And my personal favorite, reserved especially for when he's in a "bad mood"


Funny how it works out that ALL his "nicknames" are longer than his real one ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

And summer's over

Isn't summer supposed to be a time of relaxation and rest? LOL Well, ours has just been jam-packed with trips, outings and really any excuse to not be inside (hence the cobwebs growing on my blog LOL) We've actually had a lot of fun this summer, it was just super busy. Toby's been a real champ about everything, as long as he gets his 2 walks a day and a bone to eat before bed... he's a happy puppy... I totally just realized I'm going to have to stop calling him that soon... it SO hard to believe that in less than a month he'll be 1 year old! Where did my puppy go?!?

We only have one out of town trip left... and this one is I think going to be the best. Our family (hubby, Toby and myself) heading to a Scottish festival and the best part is, not only do they allow dogs to come with you, they have special games for dogs! (Toby doesn’t know it yet... but one of those games might include a few sheepies... suuuushhh it's a surprise! :P)

It'll be Toby's first trip to stay overnight in a hotel (any tips would be appreciated LOL) I hope he does okay. He's pretty barky, especially when he plays LOL So, hopefully he'll be so exhausted from roaming the festival all day, he'll just sleep the whole time :P

I'll have lots of pics I'm sure in the coming weeks!
So, with only one trip left, I'm looking forward to settling back into a routine around here (read: I'm getting old :P) and the blogging shall commence again!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's here!

After almost 5 months of waiting, it's Toby's day on The Daily Corgi Blog today! So hop on over and share in our fun adventure.

And of course Toby and I want to give a big thanks to Laurie who makes all our days a little happier with all of the sweet corgi faces she bring us. YOU ROCK!!! :D

Have a great day everyone! :)